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Score Sports

Kids grow fast and their interests change so quickly. Before you know it, that sporting equipment you just bought is either too small or just collecting dust in a corner of your garage. Much of it is in like-new condition. Wouldn't it be great to consign that equipment and get some of your money back? While you're here, take a look at our large inventory of gently used equipment to suit up your kids for next season!

If you have equipment that you may want to consign, call or come in to speak to us about the items and what we are currently accepting. Please do not bring the items in until you have confirmed that we will accept them on consignment.

Once we have the item, we will determine the value of your equipment based on condition, brand, and customer demand.

When sold, you will receive 40% of the sale price

          ~ Consignor checks are mailed every 4-6 weeks to consignors with at least $2 in their account.

Some important things to remember

  • All equipment must be in compliance with current standards for that sport.
  • All equipment must have original fasteners intact and in working order.
  • Equipment should be clean and in great condition
  • You must be at least 18 years old and present a valid driver’s license to consign equipment.

Keep in mind ~ A few extra minutes of cleaning means

a few more dollars in your pocket!

We Accept

Hockey, lacrosse, baseball/softball, golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, bicycles, bike racks, skis/sleds/tubing/snowboards, skateboards, and more!

Don’t see your sport on the list? Please ask!

We Do Not Accept

Old or outdated equipment

Shooting, archery, paintball, or airsoft equipment